Friday, March 11, 2011

Josie in Training

Josie Week 9~52 by Rachel*Nicole

Josie Week 9~52 a photo by Rachel*Nicole on Flickr.
Don't let Josie's sweet face fool you - she is a handful! Josie (and myself) are currently in intense training. She is a typical cattle dog - stubborn and extremely intelligent. When her behavior had progressively gotten worse in the past month, we enlisted the help of an experienced dog trainer in our area. His resume was extremely impressive - from serving in Iraq as the Kurdish Prime Minister’s family canine handler and instructor to training therapy dogs.

Apparently Josie has no respect for me, and that is what we are working on right now. So for the time being, she either has to be tethered to me or in her crate. Doesn't seem so hard does it? Try keeping a 10 month old puppy tied to your waist with two other dogs just out of her reach, and her not be allowed to play with them (at least for now).

Don't get me wrong - Josie is just a sweet heart with a tough outer shell. I love her to death and I am completely committed to turning her into the best dog she can be. Sounds cheesy but it is true. She goes to work with me everyday, and I need her to be obedient and respect me, so the day can go by smoothly.

Wish us luck.....we will need it! I'll keep you updated on our progress...

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